Regulatory Compliance in Cross-border Renminbi Trade

来源: CHINA FOREX 2017 Issue 2 作者:He Wei

Regulation of cross-border renminbi transactions aims to achieve a combination of low key but pragmatic guidance for the market while maintaining a healthy respect for compliance requirements. This differs from foreign exchange management in several important areas from the regulatory process to the regulatory framework and the methods of enforcement. With the continuous improvement of the regulatory system,greater demand is being placed on banks for ensuring regulatory compliance in cross-border renminbi trade.

Using the renminbi simplifies transactions. Management of cross-border business in the national currency has largely relied on market-based principles. The aim has been to encourage market players to use the nation's own currency in cross-border transactions. In order to do so we have reduced the reliance on prior approvals for transactions in favor of post-transaction supervision combined with what is called "negative list" management (which permits a wider range of activities) and more information sharing among regulatory bodies.

Regulatory procedures for domestic currency business also differ from those governing foreign currency in terms of business registration and classification as well as bank account management,the requirement for the use of foreign exchange accounts for foreign invested companies,the management of early-stage investment expenses of foreign-invested companies and non-resident account management. Using renminbi in transactions has its advantages regardless of whether the funds are moved under the current account or the capital account.

In merchandise and services trade as well as foreign direct investment,overseas (outbound) direct investment,trade financing and other areas,the use of cross-border renminbi settlements is not subject to any access restrictions. There also are no requirements for prior registration and approval,and there are no restrictions on transaction volume. Banks and enterprises can carry out cross-border renminbi business based entirely on business needs.

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